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Learn the Workplace Accident Procedure

workplace accident procedure

Some people work in environments that are seemingly safe, like law offices or financial institutions. Others’ workplaces are full of risks – construction sites are an excellent example. No matter whether your work in a white collar environment or blue collar, inside or outside, seemingly safe or clearly dangerous, accidents can happen and medical treatment may be needed. If you have suffered a workplace injury in the state of Pennsylvania, it is important that you have a good understanding of the required workplace accident procedure. The state of Pennsylvania has a Workers’ Compensation Act that holds employers responsible for providing compensation to many employees who are injured on the job, but those benefits will only be provided if certain criteria are met – and that includes following all of the rules. The attorneys at the law firm of Philly Justice have successfully represented many people who have been injured at work, providing them with the legal counsel that they needed to get the compensation that they deserved.

The first step to helping yourself get the compensation you need for your work injury medical expenses is to make sure you follow the required workplace accident procedure.  When you have been injured on the job or have developed an occupational illness as a result of conditions in your work environment, you need to report the illness or injury to your employer immediately after the accident takes place or the illness is diagnosed.  Though it is generally expected that this notification occurs within 3 weeks, or 21 days, of the accident, when circumstances require it an employee can have as long as 120 days to notify work of the problem. Failure to meet this timeline greatly reduces your chances of having a claim approved.

Notification of your injury or illness should provide certain details, including when the injury occurred and what the circumstances were. Upon receipt of this information, your boss will be required to file a report of the injury with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and should provide you with some paperwork to fill out and sign. These are important, as they allow your employer access to medical records that will be needed for them to approve your claim. Your workplace has the right to restrict you to specific physicians for your initial care, and if they do then you are required to utilize one of the physicians on the list for a minimum of 90 days.

By following this protocol, you greatly enhance your chance of getting the workers’ compensation benefits that you need, but it is a mistake to assume that your employer will automatically approve your claim. Either the workplace or their insurance carrier may make things difficult for you, and this is why it is a good idea to consult with an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation claims at your earliest convenience. The lawyers at Philly Justice are well equipped to answer all of your questions and to guide you through the claims process to ensure that you are meeting all of your responsibilities and deadlines, have all of the appropriate documentation on hand, and are well represented in case you need to appeal a denial of your claim.