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Winter Weather Is Slip and Fall Weather: How A Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia Can Help if You Were Hurt

Predictions of snowfall and freezing temperatures may be music to the ears of school children and sweater weathers, but for emergency room physicians they herald the approach of slip and fall weather. Icy sidewalks and melting snow on floors create hazards that can lead to sprains, strains, broken bones and worse. Though you may initially blame yourself or Mother Nature for the injury you’ve suffered, a closer look at slip and fall accidents often reveal that the owner of the property where you fell was negligent in having ensured that the area was safe – this represents negligence, and may mean that you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit and recover the monies you spent on your medical treatment, as well as compensation for any other damages you may have suffered. The Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of Philly Justice have a successful record of getting justice on behalf of victims of negligent property owners, and we can help you too.

According to the National Safety Council, there are roughly 8.9 million emergency room visits seeking treatment for injuries suffered in falls, and they happen far more frequently during the winter months when ice and snow are on the ground than at any other time of year. Most winter slip and fall injuries occur in parking lots, on sidewalks or stairways, or floors – these surfaces may be icy or simply wet from melting snow and ice.  Though it is expected for winter weather to bring precipitation and resulting accumulation, property owners and those who are responsible for property maintenance have a legal duty of care to keep property free of hazards that can foreseeably cause injuries. Though every situation is different, and there are certain snow or ice accumulations that are beyond the responsibility of a property owner, when a patch of ice is in a spot where a customer or visitor will foreseeably walk, or if ice has been tracked into a store and the owner has done nothing to effectively eliminate the problem or direct people around the spot, then the owner is likely to be considered negligent and responsible for any injuries that follow as a result.

Being able to determine whether a slip and fall accident is a matter of liability or simply a matter of bad luck requires extensive knowledge of personal injury law, as well as experience in prosecuting and winning cases. The Philadelphia law firm of Philly Justice is dedicating to helping those who are victims of negligence, and are happy to speak with you and advise you as to whether your case constitutes negligence or not. Call us today to set up a free appointment to meet with us.

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