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Winter Weather is Auto Accident Weather: How a Philadelphia Attorney Can Help if You Have Suffered an Injury

Though Philadelphia doesn’t get as much snow as some of its northern neighbors, it only takes a frigid night and a thin glaze of ice on the roads for an auto accident to occur. The bigger storms that leave behind snow, ice, and slush and drop visibility to zero make driving tremendously challenging, and often lead to accidents. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) says that one out of every four automobile crashes that take place on American roadways during the course of the year are caused by weather conditions, and the majority of these occur during the winter – snow and ice are truly auto accident weather. If you have been in an automobile accident during winter weather and you believe that the other driver was negligent, then don’t settle for an offer from their auto insurance company. Contact the attorneys at the Philadelphia law firm of Philly Justice to hear how we can help if you have suffered an injury.

Snow and ice reduce traction on roadways. This makes it challenging to brake, to accelerate, and to turn. Add to this situation heavy precipitation that reduces visibility and things get even more dangerous, and that is why during winter weather so many police departments urge drivers to exercise extreme caution.  Accidents can occur in any type of weather, but the chances increase during wintry conditions because there is a need for drivers to allow greater space for braking, because sliding or skidding can occur when a vehicle hits a patch of ice and slush, and because drivers may not be able to see the vehicles that are in front of them. The law requires that drivers clear ice and snow off of their vehicles, not only to improve their own ability to see but also to prevent snow from flying off of their vehicles and impeding other vehicles ability to drive, but some drivers do not always heed these laws or exercise the level of care that is needed to accommodate the conditions. When this is the case and a driver is driving recklessly, exhibiting behaviors such as driving too fast, or failing to leave enough braking space between himself and other drivers, or in some other way driving aggressively or carelessly, they can be found responsible for negligence and made to provide compensation for any injuries that their negligence caused.

Philly Justice is a widely respected personal injury law firm in Philadelphia that has gained a reputation for providing aggressive legal representation to those who have been injured by others’ careless actions. If you or someone you love has been injured in a winter weather accident, call us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your case. We ware committed to getting you the justice you deserve.

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