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Premises Liability – Preventative Measures You Can Take to Create a Safe and Happy Home

When you look around your home, there’s a good chance that it doesn’t seem dangerous to you. Unfortunately, if you have a guest over, whether they are friends or family, a contractor working in your home, or even a child who has wandered into your back yard uninvited, you are responsible for their safety. Though you may believe that your homeowners insurance will address any injuries that may take place, it is important to understand the rules regarding premises liability, as if an injury occurs the person who is hurt can hold you legally responsible if there is something that you could have done to prevent them from being hurt.  At Philly Justice, we represent those who are injured as a result of the negligence of others, and we understand premises liability. Here are some preventative measures you can take to create a safe and happy home.

When an accident occurs on your property, there is a chance that you can be held legally responsible. Much of the injured party’s ability to file a premises liability lawsuit against you has to do with who they are.  Visitors can fall into three categories: licensee, business invitee, and trespasser. Though a trespasser generally does not have the ability to hold you responsible for injuries they’ve sustained when they did not have permission to be on your property, business invitees and licensees do, as in both cases they are present at your express or implied invitation.  So what does that mean that you are responsible for? Homeowners are expected to provide a reasonable level of maintenance and attention to their property in order to prevent injuries to others. That is true both for conditions that they know about, and for conditions that they should have known about. This means that if somebody falls down your stairs because the handrail was loose, you are probably going to be held responsible – even if you weren’t actually aware of the problem.

Not only is there an expectation that a homeowner will make sure that their property does not present a danger, and is maintained in a way that prevents visitors from being inured, but also that they will warn a visitor of any condition that may pose a threat when they enter the home. Again, if the handrail is loose, the homeowner is expected to warn the person of its danger if they have not been able to repair it or are in the process of repairing it, in addition to actually fixing it. Another example would be if a homeowner has a dog that might bite. Not only does the owner have the responsibility to warn the visitor about the dog, but also to keep the animal away from the visitor in order to prevent a bite.

By making sure that you have an understanding of premises liability law, you can take the time to inspect your property for potential hazards and address them. If you have any questions about premises liability, call the knowledgeable attorneys at Philly Justice to set up time to meet.

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