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If they’re looking for a fight, we can make that happen.

James J. McEldrew, III, Esquire

At Philly Justice, we put our years of experience and dedication to work for you so you don’t have to face the fight alone.

If you’ve been struggling against big corporations, insurance companies, the medical industry, hospitals, drug companies, railroads, product manufacturers or “big pharma” to get compensation for injuries caused by others’ carelessness or greed, it’s time to stop. Get someone on your side who knows how to play by their rules – to your advantage. We know the players, we know the law and we can get you the results and the money you deserve.

With Philly Justice in your corner, you aren’t a small-time plaintiff without resources, fighting for your fair share. You become the client of a team of highly respected lawyers, experts in their field, who win cases and compensation for their clients. We don’t let you go it alone – we’re with you every step of the way.

What our clients are saying about

  • I found Jim to be highly competent and a gentleman who truly cares about his clients.

    Lance Henry

  • Approximately 7 years ago while I was an active duty police officer I was run over by a drunk driver and I lost my leg …. [Jim] assured me that even when things were looking bleak, he was not going to stop fighting, and that is exactly what he has done. Fought and won!

    Jim Egan, police officer, injured by drunk driver while investigating a motor vehicle accident. The legal investigation revealed multiple negligence issues resulting in 7 different lawsuits. A total amount of 7 million dollars was awarded by jury and settlement.

  • My husband Mark had a life threatening illness where he was on life support and in the ICU for a week. When I would call Jim, on his cell, that he insisted I use, he would answer immediately. I texted Jim to ask him a question after Mark was released from the hospital. Jim was not an attorney the day that I texted him, he was a friend and support when one was truly needed. He settled my Husband’s case in less than a year’s time. His attention to us as his clients and his work ethic is second to none. I would recommend him without hesitation.

    Mark S and Marybeth M. Burns

  • Jim was referred to me by a co-worker and since my encounter with him I have not used any other lawyer.

    Health Care Client

  • During our 8-9 years of working together, Jim did everything within his power to prove my case. He is relentless and never stops trying to help his clients. Jim really lives the case as a lawyer and as a father. He took on the burden as if it were his own. For that, my children and I will be forever grateful.

    Lisa Lindstrom, mother of twins damaged during birthing process. Jury award 13.6 million dollars. At the time, largest single person verdict in eastern district federal court (Philadelphia).

  • After being injured on the job, I hired Jim McEldrew despite my positive history with another lawyer because I found him to be highly competent and such a gentleman who truly cares about his clients. Throughout the case process, Jim showed over and over to me and my fellow linemen buddies how generous he is with his time and resources. Thanks, Jimmy.

    Ron DiMaulo, former SEPTA lineman.

When it comes to auto accidents…
limited tort vs full tort.
Why is this important?

Are you trying to collect on injuries or losses from an auto accident, but your insurance company says your limited tort coverage means you aren’t entitled to compensation? Read More

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